Peculiar Roots

Temporary Hair Color Pomade- Vegan

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                              Temporary Hair Dye For Locs & Natural Hair

Great for a pop of color. Works best on dark hair, such as black, brownish, blonde hair. Easy to apply, easy to wash, strong and no damage, non-sticky. Smells amazing, with a medium hold, starts fairly wet and goes matte, and sets quick. 

  • No bleeding
  • Air dry or Blow dryer
  • No Wax to leave buildup
  • Smells amazing

Size: 4.23 oz

Water (Eau), Lanolin Cera, Oleth15, Acrylates Copolymer /Dimethicone Methacrylate,  Phenoxyethanol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance (Parfum)

Directions: For best results apply to dry or slightly damp hair. For extra softness apply a leave-in-conditioner. Evenly distribute using a comb or your hands. For more intense and brighter colors, wait 5-10 minutes and apply another layer. Heat dry or air dry. That's it, Enjoy your Peculiar color!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
LaShra Smith
Absolutely love it 🥰

I love the option of having temporary color in my hair that I can take out when I want. It’s not damaging to my locs and I just love the color

Yolanda Benson
I love it!!!

This Temporary hair color us bomb dot com. It goes on easily and i had no issues with it transferring to my sheets. I was able to successfully cover the grays. I will be tring other colors also. My picture is when i first tried a little to see how it would look.

It’s so pretty

This color looks so pretty. I can’t believe how pretty it came out and it seriously lasted 7 days. No touch up and it wasn’t over all of my clothes 🤗🤗

...Loving the Sunset Copper

I am a mature lady with Sisterlocks that are a little less than 3 years old. I chose this product to add some color without risking damage to my locs. I've applied it to my freshly-shampooed damp hair as well as to dry hair, and it seems to work equally well on both, although maybe it's a bit more noticeable on dry hair. I can just keep adding until I get the level I want and just let it air-dry. The Sunset Copper color works for me as the color pops, but doesn't "scream", and gives me the golden red color that has always been a favorite of mine. If I notice any degree of stiffness, I just follow-up with some moisture spray, and problem solved. I've already ordered another jar (maybe it should have been two?), as I NEED this to get me through the summer.

Kiara Gillette
Very minimal color bleeding

The color is gorgeous! I was very happy with that part of the product and it does smell really nice. The smell dissipates fairly quickly, which is nice because it was a little loud for me. The product was very easy to manipulate and has great coverage. I was able to hit my roots and the length of my hair with 2-3 passes. I didn’t use gloves or lay down anything, but it was actually pretty easy to wash off with soapy water. It didn’t stain my counters or clothing or skin. It air dries fairly quickly as well when done on dry hair. Honestly, the only reason I give it a 4/5 is because it left my locs stiff. But then again I can’t really get too mad- it’s a pomade after all. Otherwise great product for a temporary splash of color and changing up your look from time to time.