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Microfiber Turban Locs Towel (2 Colors)

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                            LOCS & NATURAL HAIR LINT-FREE TOWEL
    • Super water-absorbent
    • Has button & loop for keeping it on securely
    • Quick-drying and lightweight
    • Gentle on hair and skin
    • Perfect Locs/dreadlocks Towel
    • No lint like regular towels 
    • Size 30 x 70 cm

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Erica J

    This Turban Towel is the bomb!!!!!!!! It’s so soft. I love it!

    William Richardson

    I have long locs down to my butt. This wrap covers majority of them. Im sure i didn't wrap it right but whatever lol. Drys my locs very fast!

    Donnalee kristina Campbell
    A sermon if you will 🤣😭

    I have walked around, slept & gone on errands in this towel without a care in the world. Because of its versatility it'll do its job of drying your hair and stylish at the same time. I've gone grocery shopping in this loc towel. You don't have to worry about snags or your locs/hair being caught in the fibers or the fibers getting into your hair. I have 2 and I'm gonna buy 2 more because that's my business. But to say I love this product is an understatement. Grab yourself a few, especially of your hair is high in porosity. Okay sermon over, Goddess spead 😘

    Nickeisha Rose
    The best

    I absolutely love this towel and need about 3 more. Definitely a must have for natural hair, loose or loced. I need more colours!!

    It fits!!!

    I was hesitant about purchasing at first. I even reached out via email regarding the measurements. Trying to find a good absorbent towel is a big deal and trying to find one in the style of a wrap??? I've bought pricier wraps supposedly for black hair, too small, the original turban they used to sell in the 80's, too small. This one? Just right! My locs are mid back now and growing. This wrap is absorbent and keeps my hair up and out of the way, while I do other routine stuff. Just love it!