Allergic Reaction Disclaimer

Cosmetic products (such as soaps, lotions, face and eye make up, fragrances, hair and beauty products etc.) can provoke allergic reactions in some people. Many people suffer from allergies and anyone at any age can develop allergies. Allergic reactions are the immune system’s overreaction to substances that may otherwise be harmless. An allergen can trigger the immune system to release chemical substances such as antibodies that result in allergy symptoms. Many people are familiar with seasonal allergies brought on by pollen from blooming plants, or with food allergies. Allergic reactions to cosmetics most often appear as itchy, red rashes on the skin – or contact dermatitis.

Allergic reactions can appear at any time so please check the ingredients list of each of our products prior to placing an order.  We recommend you see a dermatologist should you have a reaction as we cannot assess which item you may have had/or will have an allergic reaction to.  

Unfortunately, due to covid, products cannot be returned.  Thank you in advance for understanding.