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Peculiar Roots Affirmation Cards (FINAL SALE)

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50 Affirmations for Your Crown To Reaffirm Your Loc Journey Daily!

This Affirmation Card Deck is a beautiful tool to use with your daily affirmation practice and during your loc journey. Locs are an expression of self,  a representation of ethnic pride, fashion, and even a religious statement.


One of the unique things about locs is that they have managed to transcend demographics, cultures, and hair types. Yet we still find locs unacceptable whether in the workplace, school, family, and friends. Locs are still perceived today as unacceptable and unkempt according to mainstream beauty standards.


Affirmations are short and simple statements that you make to yourself that are intended to promote positive thinking and self-empowerment despite other's opinions. In this high quality and simply designed card deck, there are 50 different affirmation cards that can be picked at random. Select an affirmation card anytime to enhance your mood and walk boldly in your loc journey despite negative stereotypes about your crown.

Includes 50 perfectly sized cards, measuring 2.5” x 3.5”, perfect for anyone on their loc journey for daily motivation and affirmation.

(Gender Neutral)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Erica J

I was happy to see these cars in my holiday box. I really like them. Makes me happy 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Danette R.

Embracing my uniqueness while affirming my locs, my self-esteem and my inner love! Peculiar Roots is that big wave, it’s a whole movement!!!

Tameka R.

These affirmation cards are EVERYTHING. They are well thought out and provide loc wearers with much need affirmation about their crowns (especially when some in society still have negative perceptions of those with locs and locs in general)!

Monique C.

It’s a motivational thing for persons who aren’t that confident in there locs. I am so there wasn’t any wow feeling for me