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Locs Tool Single, Double, Triple or Set Crochet Needle

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Locs/Dreadlocks Crochet Needles

Used to maintain and correct issues with your locs. You can correct bumps in your locs, attached extensions, reinserting loose hair, repair damaged or weak locs, and fix broken locs.

Single hook recommended for beginners

The double hook reduces the amount of time.

The triple hook reduces time by 1/3.

For Locs, dreadlocks and crochet dreads maintenance. 
Beautifully designed bamboo handle.

Size: 0.5 mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Gailelizabeth H.

The hooks are to big, and seems dull. A waste of money

Tamika J.

Instantly loc’d my daughters and my hair with the single one. Beginner or not I would recommend the 3 prong one for faster results.

Hasani W.

First time crotching(hope I spelled it right) and was able to reattach all 5 of my locs that came out. A must have for those on there locs journey. You will have locs that come out but this is a way to not only reattach but strengthen along with daily moisturizing and washing your hair when needed.

Tameka R.

Great tools to have if you need to repair or tighten up your locs.

Paola T.

I love these products. Amazing.