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I'm in love with the Aloe Refresher Spray

My Locs love, love the Aloe Refresher Spray out of all the sprays I have tried the Aloe is my favorite. My locs looks good and feel soft. I get so many complements on the way my locs look.

Refresh sprays

I can't live without my refresher sprays! They keep my locs moisturized all day

Buy it!!

So I bought this in June 2022. I bought this because I developed a bald spot after rocking a super tight top bun loc spot in May. I don't use it everyday, I'll even go about 2weeks and forget to use it. But the days I do use it, it makes the balding spot itch, a lot! I figure cause of the Biotin. But it just itches, nothing else, no bad skin reaction. Sometimes I'll mistakenly put too much drops on the area. Anyways the most important thing is that it works!!! It's effective, Im so glad I gave this a chance and I still have a lot of serum left. I took before and after pics/vids to see for myself. I stretched the parting of that area just to be very sure that I see the results because I go months without retwisting and there's natural growth. So I made sure to see if this serum works and it definitely works. I love the smell too, go buy it!!

I love the products I received!

Love the scent… haven’t used product long enough to rate the performance on my hair

Looking Good With Peculiar Products

I love the look it gives my hair. I take my own Peculiar Roots products with me for my stylist to use and my hair looks Marvelous.

Buildup from loc pomade

I retwisted my hair 2 days ago and I’m seeing white buildup. I really wanted to like this product and it makes me sad. I have the refresher spray which I love! It smells really good.


I really like this Aloe styling gel,it works wonders for my edges. Better than I expected. Not sticky and doesn’t leave any build up on my hair. Great Product.

Nice Oil!

I’ve only been using a week so nothing I can say about the efficacy at this time. I do like how light it is and the nice fragrance. I will continue to use 3-4 times a week and then update in 4-6 weeks.

Great stuff!!!

This pomade is so amazing!!!

Hair Growth Serum | 4 oz
Yovonda Wimbley
Best oil ever!

I love this oil! Blueberry is the bomb! The scent smells heavenly. and I love how light the oil is...

Best dreadlocks moisturizer I've EVER used!

I'm a big fan of the Sista's Wrap-a-loc product but use Peculiar Roots instead of the spray she offers because this one is 'just right' for my hair. Keeps my locs moisturized while setting and in between washings and re-sets. Like that old McD's commercial "I'm lovin' it!"

I love this stuff here!

I just wish y'all made salon sized bottles! Some ppl have really long, dirty locks... But the products are amazing and I let every client know about this stuff and all the products I use are black owned!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Softened the hair shaft

It’s a good conditioner but the bar isn’t for me, it kept slipping out my hands hard to maneuver


I love this hair oil . It’s not greasy. I have a ver dry scalp . This product has really help soothe my dry scalp . Smells great!

Aloe Vera Soothing & Styling Gel | 8.8 oz

The Boom

I love Hair Growth Serum & Oil Kit it makes my hair soft, shining & smelling good.

IT was great,

I recommended ELF to pursue your business since I use them for our business.

Refresher Spray w/ Rose Water | 8 oz

Love retwist at its best!!

I love the loc pomades the way it makes my locs look and feel and the hold is everything !!As long as i am locked illl
Only use peculiar products 💜💜🤗🤗

Loved this scent but I don't know anymore.....

Chamomile was my GO TO for conditioner bars. It smelled SOOOOOO good. But within the last few times I've purchased it. It's not the same at all. I really didn't want to write this. The color is not the same and smells like candle wax with a sprinkle of chamomile. When I tried to use my brand new one. It gave my hair a rough feel. So i put the 2 in one back in my hair to get moisture. It not only smells it feels different. I don't prefer the other scents in the bar selection. So I don't know I just want my old faithful back 😕

Listen idk what sorcery y’all put in this bottle but my hair and scalp feel AMAZING! I absolutely hate washing my own locs because I feel like they’re never clean. But with THIS shampoo, my scalp is clean and my hair is soft and thanking me in 5 different languages. Ordering more RET NEOW!1

Nourishing And Conditioning Hair Oil

I absolutely love this hair oil for my locs! My locs are so soft and I can also tell that where I had some thinning its slowly growing back! I love the fact that the hair oil and serum are not greasy! I had been contemplating for a while about the purchases of these products! I am not disappointed! My new loc obsession! Thanks Peculiar Roots I will definitely be buying more.

Hair Growth Serum | 4 oz
Roseina Chapman

Hair Growth Serum | 4 oz