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I really love this spray oil . Especially the smell . It last all day .

Route Package Protection
Nykole Simpson-Torruella

Route Package Protection


I used my vanilla sage and lavender spray for my mom while oiling her scalp and it smelled so good. I wish I had bought more. I do suffer from severe anxiety and lavender/ sage scents really help give me a calming feeling. Not to overhype but this spray has made me feel so much better from my morning anxiety ever since I sprayed it in my mother and I’s hair. I hope the spray and oil can be put on sale again one day. It’s very soothing and helpful 10/10 would recommend

I love my refreshing spray!!!

My hair is moisture all day. I love it! The growth of my hair is unreal! I owe it all to your products! Thank you

I love my product, and I will be ordering more!


The smell amazing the packaging amazing everything is amazing about this company and their products. I would buy it over again.

Love this!

My fav scent!!!!! The scent is very relaxing yet gives a joyful feeling. I’ve using this everyday!

Looking forward to the Rose Water Refresher Spray

Unfortunately, I only received my package yesterday! My shipments are sent to my US Shipping Agent in Florida then get forwarded to Bermuda. So, there is a timing issue. However, I'm looking forward to using this spray as well as everything else that I received!

My Fav Scent

This scent of Vanilla, Sage, & Lavender is very relaxing and nurturing. Great for everyday use. No other scent compares to this.


Guava smells soo good and so soothing to my scalp and moisturizing to my hair! 🥰

Strawberry Guava Oil Spray (Limited Edition) | 4 oz

Best balm out there

Another great product. Being Caucasian with a long straight kinda thin beard, I have had to avoid beard balms. Heavy in beeswax for hold would weigh my beard down. This wonderful balm does not. I do get a light hold and the moisturizing properties are amazing. I like the nice clean smell as well. i use your beard oil in the morning and the balm at night and my beard has never looked better. Keep up the great work, it is surely appreciated!!

Wonderful Watermelon

This refresher is an amazing product with an intoxicating smell

Love it!

I like paying so little to ensure that my packages are protected. It gives me peace of mind.

The best thing ever!!

Having the satisfaction of knowing that your package is protected, Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,

Bluebae is everything!!!

OMG!!!! My favorite oil scent is now a refresher spray!!! It smells sooooooo good!!!!! If you buy it, make sure buy double, trust me!!!

Great product

I have been looking for a product that was good for my sisterlocks with color. I've found the right product and I am sold!

I'm not the only one

I am not the only one that loves the Blueberry Refresher Spray. My hair loves it too. It smells great and feels great too.

Smells so good!

I absolutely love this face wash! I have oily combination skin so I was a bit nervous to use this face wash but it was amazing. My skin feels great and not dry or irritated. I will absolutely be buying again!

Lint brush

I never received it.


Just like the other refresher sprays, the blueberry smells amazing. In addition to smelling great, it helps moisturize the scalp and hair. So glad I was able to get this limited edition scent before it sells out.

Protect Your Package

Never had any issues with my packages being damaged thanks to the care taken to prepare the packages but I’ve heard of a few instances where this is needed. Don’t remove it because that’s when you’ll need it.

Redemption Mission

I missed this scent the last time they released it but was ready this time. It’s a subtle scent that’s perfect for any occasion. And as usual, all the refreshers leave my hair soft and full of moisture.

The Scent We’ve Been Waiting For

Thankful that this company listens and interacts with its consumers. This scent was long overdue and it didn’t disappoint. If you were lucky enough to get some, be grateful.

Locs, Braids & Twist Firm Hold Pomade | 4 oz