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Love this bonnet

Great quality bonnet. Stylish

Love it

This is my favorite shampoo and conditioner. I use it on my son's hair as well and he loves how his hair feels.

Peculiar Locs Shampoo Bar
Sabrina Espinosa
Roses are red

It does an amazing job. Smells amazing before during and a few days sfter washing. Makes soapy suds. I highly recommend this product.

Soo easy

As someone who has never put product in his own hair for fear of overdoing it, these products are easy to use and leave your locs smell delicious

So fresh and So Clean!

Absolutely love the Refresher Spray w/ Rose Water! I will definitely be ordering again soon!

Route Package Protection

Healthy Roots Locs Kit
Carolann Taylor
Is good ****!

My Mum (Carolann) bought some products for me as my dreadlocks needed some much needed TLC.
I now smell salon fresh! It’s been such a long time since my scalp and hair both felt and smelt this good.
Amazing products, you’ve definitely got a long term customer over here.
Thank you! ❤️

Love it love it love it!!!!

Peculiar Roots never disappoints! I absolutely love this box!!!

Microfiber Turban Locs Towel (2 Colors)
Donnalee kristina Campbell
A sermon if you will 🤣😭

I have walked around, slept & gone on errands in this towel without a care in the world. Because of its versatility it'll do its job of drying your hair and stylish at the same time. I've gone grocery shopping in this loc towel. You don't have to worry about snags or your locs/hair being caught in the fibers or the fibers getting into your hair. I have 2 and I'm gonna buy 2 more because that's my business. But to say I love this product is an understatement. Grab yourself a few, especially of your hair is high in porosity. Okay sermon over, Goddess spead 😘

Highly recommend for mature locs

I've had my locs for 22+ years so they are past my waist. I agree with D.D. who said they wouldn't use liquid shampoo again. It's the first time I've been able to get shampoo throughout the full length of my hair without feeling like I'm wasting product. Feels really clean with one wash. If you have mature locs, I would HIGHLY recommend. It's my absolute new favourite.

A must have

I’m about a year and a half into my Loc journey, so I figured it was probably time for a detox. Ummmm yes, I definitely was. The water was so yucky afterwards. The detox bar smells so good and soaking my locs was so soothing. My hair definitely needed this!!!!! I won’t be waiting so long to do this again.


All products arrived safely and undamaged!!

Great product!

This scalp and shampoo brush is gentle.


Glad to know my purchases are always protected.

Loved it!!

My hair literally felt lighter after soaking. In my loc journey, nothing else has cleaned my locs as well as this bar!

Aloe Vera Is what my scalp needed

Aloe Vera is what my scalp needed & hopefully my hair will be getting stronger and all the nourishment it needs

Hair Growth Serum | 4 oz

I started using the serum after having thinning in the front of my locs after pregnancy. The serum was amazing for moisturizing and helping my locs to regain density. At a recent visit to my stylist, she said it never even looked like I had any thinning to begin with. That's just how great the serum is at helping with regrowth.

Moisture/aloe Vera kit

Growing up in Jamaica my mom use to send me to get aloe every two weeks before my wash and I see why, so amazing. I love the gel for my edges, that’s where my cow lick is so it’s different from rest of my grow. The mist and **** keeps super soft. I mostly wash and air dry for summer. I told myself no retwist for three months. The gel is perfect for keeping my roots unwedded 😂. Thanks peculiar roots. I might use my aloe plants I have around house for decorating.

Treating my King

Ladies if your man has a beard this kit is a must have,

I Can't Do Without It

As I prepare to order yet another bottle of refresher spray, I figured it is time for me to give a review. I can not, will not, utterly refuse to go without this product. My locs have never felt so alive! I spray them each morning as I style them for the day. I know They say a little goes a long way, but HUN-TY I spray until the gawds tell me to stawp! My hair feels soft and moisturized like never before. Now, let me post this review, so I can order my next bottle before they run out. favorite scent is pineapple.

Love it !!

The refresher spray keeps my hair soft and smelling good. I highly recommend!

Full Support

I love my Vegan Scrunchies. I have a full head of Locs over 2 feet in length and my scrunchie holds my wrap bun in place without the use of hair pins. I love the hold and support, not too tight or heavy. Big time favorite in helping keep my Locs lifted and off my shoulders during hot weather, not to mention, I look super cute wearing them.

Fully Loaded

I Feel regal wearing my Loc Jewels.

Fresh Cleanse

I absolutely love the Black Charcoal Foaming Cleanser it leaves my face feeling thoroughly clean and I pair it with the Aloe Vera agel for moisture and seal it with a dash of shea butter, all by Peculiar Roots.


Love the way the oil makes my hair feel soft and sweets wonderful