Why Should I Sleep In a Bonnet/Durag/Loc Sock

Our hair is extremely fragile, especially if not cared for properly. Sleeping with a protective layer whether it is a bonnet, durag, or loc sock is one step closer to us achieving our goals. Our hair naturally produces sebum from the scalp. This oily/sticky substance is used to coat our new growth. It contains vitamins needed to allow our new growth to thrive once it has left the follicle. However, due to the coils/curls of our hair strand’s structure, it gets stuck in the crevices. This is why sometimes you touch the roots on your hair and it feels very oily.  This oil is not able to reach the ends of our hair strand, so we hydrate and seal.

We use high-quality products which may be expensive so it is important to moisturize our locs.  We also spend a lot of time on our wash days to ensure our hair is properly cleansed.  When we go to bed without any protective layer, we are leaving our locs vulnerable.  We leave our locs vulnerable to breakage as it rubs against our cotton sheets and pillowcases. As well as, vulnerable to moisture loss as the cotton material absorbs the moisture that is on our hair.

This is one of the reasons you may wake up to a damp pillowcase and dry frizzy hair.  Without covering  and protecting our locs, they will become dry, frizzy, matted, and even broken and if we do not cover them at night. If we work so hard to take care of our hair, why would we want it to be hurt within a matter of 6 to 8 hours?

Sooo, protective caps at night are essential.

Your protective cap is designed to keep the moisture in your locs. The satin/silky material acts as a protective layer; and therefore, the moisture we worked so hard to apply and seal into our hair shaft cannot get out.  Because any protective cap will come in contact with your locs, it is imperative that the material is made of satin or silk.  These fabric types are gentle on the hair shaft and does not cause a disturbance; so, your locs will stay shiny and moisturized.

At Peculiar Roots have several protective covering options:

Satin Lined Bonnets - These bonnets are made out of satin on the interior and cotton on the exterior. These bonnets prevent any harm from coming to your hair including lint. It is spacious so the longer the locs, the better.  The bonnets are available in different patterns to suit the entire family.  We also have a Reversible Satin Bonnet that is satin on both sides so you get a two for one with contrasting colors.

Satin Durag Bonnet - This durag bonnet is great for starter locs as it allows you to tuck your baby locs into the pocket in the back and tied the bonnet in the back.  It has a soft band around the front so it allows your locs to lay in place so they are not loose and moving all over the place inside the bonnet.  You don’t have to worry about waking up with the bonnet beside you in the bed.  It is lightweight enough to wear around the house as you do chores or work from home. 

Loc Sock - Our loc socks are perfect for those with longer locs which require more room to tuck them away.   The loc sock keeps your locs elongated as you sleep is great when you want to keep your longer styled locs in place.  These loc sock hats are available in several patterned prints.