Creating A Summer Regimen for Your Locs

Summer is HERE.  Summer Is known for a time of hot, heat and humidity.  With this shift in season, your loc regimen has to change as well.  You will need to take your regimen up a notch to maintain the health and moisture level of your locs during this season. So, what will you need?

Here are summer MUST HAVES to create your Summer Regimen

1.  Refresher Sprays - With the sun rays pelting down, it can be daunting to our hair shaft. The moisture we worked so hard to apply could be gone in a matter of minutes. Refresher sprays add daily moisture to keep your locs hydrated throughout the hot and humid summer days. Water is the best moisturizer, so of course, because we are extra, our refresher sprays are rose water based. 

Peculiar Roots refresher sprays can be applied daily before heading out to work or tuning into your zoom call. In the summer months, you can use it twice daily.  We have six scents that appease all pallets.  Our biggest sellers right now are Caribbean Vibez with Apple & Pomegranate Pear coming in a close second depending on the tribe member. 

2.  Pomade or Aloe – Our pomade or aloe give your locs is good for retwisting, styling, laying edges or soothing an itchy scalp.  If you are looking for a stronger “hold” for your retwist, then your go to product will be our pomade.  If you want a softer hydrating hold, then our aloe vera gel is your best solution.  Our aloe is also great for your skin if you have a burn or you need to sooth an itch.  Both the aloe and pomade are build up free and won’t cause flaking. 

3.  Hair Mask  - Deep conditioning is a treatment to revitalize our hair shaft and add extra moisture to combat any harm that may have been done during the course of the month. Due to Summer months being known for having extremely high temperatures, our hair will need all of the TLC it can get.  Our Deep Conditioning Moroccan Argan Hair Mask is a great option to add to your monthly regimen during the Summer months.  You may leave the hair mask on for 15-30 minutes.  To get complete coverage, we recommend using an applicator brush to apply the mask.  The mask contains ingredients that provide hydration, detangling, and revives dull dry hair. 

So what are you waiting for?  Go grab these summery must have products.