What's The Deal with Loc Frizz?

One of the most asked questions in loc groups is about the “F” word.  Yep, you guessed it, FRIZZ.

  • How do I get rid of my frizz
  • Why is my hair frizzy
  • How do I maintain frizz
  • Is my hair supposed to frizz up like this?
  • How long does frizz last?

Frizz is an inevitable part of the loc journey and process.  Frizz is a sign that your hair is growing and maturing in a healthy manner.  Your frizz is needed to continue to form the loc as the hair begins to take the shape, form and mat itself together.  We have seen some stylist cut away the frizz because they do not understand the nature of what our hair is designed to do.  Cutting away the frizz/fuzz will prolong your loc journey and may result in thinner locs over time.  The best thing to do with frizz is to leave it alone. 

Depending on your hair texture, frizz may never go away.  Also please note that softer hair textures are more prone to frizz, especially the minute any liquid is applied (ie refresher spray).  We have had people to say “I used your refresher and it made my hair frizzy.”  That will happen regardless of the type of spray you use, especially if it is a water based product.  In order to keep your locs from having build up, we ensure our products are water based.  Your hair NEEDS water.  Repeat after me, YOUR HAIR NEEDS WATER.  Your hair needs water in order to grow.  We are not sure where the misconception has come from that your hair does not need water; however, that is absolutely untrue.  Please ensure your hair has what it needs to thrive and grow.

Ok.  I hear you for those who are yelling at me that they cannot leave their frizz alone or that they like their locs to look “neat.  We understand.  For those who work in an environment where you may be required to reduce the appearance of frizz we do have a solution for you.  One of the ways to mitigate frizz is to put your hair in a style.  Styles such as two strand twists, braid outs, barrel twists, updo’s and more will help to reduce the look of frizz.  It also gives you two styles in one. Once you take the styles down you will have curls, waves and/or crimps to give a new look for the week.  An alternative to keep your locs moisturized while in a style is to use our aloe on your scalp.  This will give your hair the necessary moisture without the added frizz that may come if you spray the refresher spray.

So the deal with frizz is…it is health & necessary but there are ways to reduce the appearance. 

Recommended Products:  refresher spray, mousse, aloe vera gel, pomade, hair mask, conditioning oil


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    Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to leave it alone

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