Simple Routine to Maintain Your Locs

Locs are a very versatile hairstyle. They can grow to impressive lengths, styled for any occasion you want and so much. However, it should be noted that they are not the easiest hairstyle to care for. Every hairstyle is cared for differently including locs. To keep your locs long, thick, moisturized and overall thriving you need to create a simple routine. Although simple, every step done should be effective in allowing you to achieve your loc goals.

Simple Loc Routine to Maintain Your Locs

Shampoo – Locs are lsimply hair that has matted together to create what we call a loc. During this process, your hair may accumulate excess oil/sebum and dirt caused by excess product usage or rigorous activity. The particles may be trapped in the locs which makes it hard to remove.  Not removing this build up from your locs also causes harm to the health of your scalp.  Therefore, we need to cleanse our scalp and locs frequently.  Based on the recommendation from your loctician or based on your hair type if you self maintain, your wash frequency will vary.  One person who leads a rigorous and active lifestyle may need to wash their hair weekly, whereas someone else may go as long as a month.  Much of this routine is based off of your hair type, texture, and hair and scalp needs.

Deep Condition – After cleansing your locs it’s time to replenish it with moisture. Depending on the shampoo used, it may remove natural oils from the scalp that is needed for it to provide nutrients to our new growth. Deep conditioners are fortified with minerals vitamins and different nutrients that will penetrate the cuticles and provide it with what it needs. Whether it needs are moisture, strength, sheen, the deep conditioner allows it to achieve it. This step is not optional in your loc regimen. Not everyone conditions/deep conditions their tresses. It depends on what works for you, your time and your locs.

Moisturize - You need a water-based moisturizer to add to your regimen. We recommend using our Refresher Spray daily as a part of your routine.  It is also important to increase your water intake to ensure the health of both your body and your locs.  Another option to moisturizing your locs is by steaming.  Steaming gets the moisture directly into your locs and it should be sealed with a light weight oil.   

Oil Scalp and Locs –  Anytime moisture is applied to your hair, it is important to follow up with a sealant.  We recommend our conditioning oil as a sealant.  It is light-weight and won't cause any build up.  Oiling seals in all of the added nutrients provided by your moisturizer.  By sealing in the moisture, your locs have been replenished with valuable oils lost during the wash process.  Remember:  oil is not a moisturizer, it is a sealant.  We recommend using oil no more than a few times a week.

Retwist Your Locs –  Part of a simple maintenance routine, includes retwisting your locs.  Depending on your loc type, some interlock and some retighten (sisterlocks/braid locs).   How often you retwist will depend on your loc type, loc phase, and the rate of your hair growth.  Having the right products is also important in developing a retwist routine.  You need products that are build up free that will not weigh your loc down but allow it to flourish and grow.  Of course, all of Peculiar Roots products are formulated to have healthy peculiar roots and are build up free.  Some of the recommended products to retwist include:  conditoning oil, loc pomadealoe vera gel our our flaxseed mousse.

This simple yet effective routine will allow your locs to not only grow but to truly flourish. When using our products as instructed, the results will be healthy, moisturized and flourishing locs.  FYI:  The only way to see quality results is by being consistent.

Below is Tara's Loc Care Regimen

  • Wash every two weeks.
  • Retwist every two months.
  • Moisturize daily with our refresher spray
  • Seal in moisture with our conditioning oil.
  • Loc Brush every other day.
  • Wrap at night with one of our satin lined bonnets.

Tell us Your Current Routine Below?


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    Help just learn about you love line. Need help in what to buy. I wash my hair and retwist every 2 -3 weeks Would like to give your stuff a try Not sure what to buy. I had my locks for 7 years now and they’re pass my shoulder

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