How To Care For Your Starter Locs

How To Care For Your Starter Locs

Maintaining locs can be challenging when you do not know what to expect or haven't done any research.  When you are new to the loc world, things can be overwhelming.  However, with proper guidance, your starter locs can truly flourish.  Because beginning your loc journey contains so many unknowns, people may fear taking that leap.  One of the most common questions is" how do I take care of my starter locs"?   We are here to assist you with having beautiful peculiar locs that are flourishing.

 Here’s How To Care For Your Starter Locs

1.  Let It Grow – Starter locs have been manipulated in a way to keep the form.  In order to maintain the formation of your starter locs, you must refrain from constantly touching them and allowing them to grow freely.  By letting your starter locs be, new growth will interlock and interweave within itself to form a mature loc. 

2. No Manipulation – Your starter locs are in the beginning phase of formation and is at its most fragile stage.   Less is best when you start your locs, so minimal manipulation will help protect your locs and keep them from unraveling and/or breaking.  Depending on your hair texture, some unraveling is to be expected.  This is all part of the starter loc process.  One of the ways you may have minimal manipulation is to put it in a style that may last a few weeks.  This keeps your locs protected and out of the way.  The style allows your hair the freedom to do what it is naturally designed to do and that is form a loc.  Laying a good foundation is important to how your locs will grow and shape in the future.  

3. Less Product is Best – After installing starter locs, it is important to avoid using excessive products in your loc regimen. Why? It will weigh the starter locs down and cause product build up in your hair.  What you don't want to happen is to have a loc forming over build up, dirt, debris and lint.  FYI:  This is a valuable tip for all stages of your locs. 

Try our refresher sprays for daily upkeep.

 4. Monitor Wash Frequency – The experts recommend shampooing your hair at least every 2 week; however with starter locs, some recommend four weeks.  Whatever your loctician recommends, it is important not to overly manipulate the hair when washing.

5. Do Not Condition/Deep Condition – Even though conditioner is designed to add moisture back into your hair after shampooing, it is recommended that you do not condition your hair during the starter loc phase.   Adding condition prior to the maturation stage may cause your locs to unravel or you may not get the conditioner washed out of your loc completely and it causes build up.  Conditioner is recommended at the one year mark or whenever your locs have fully matured and formed.   

Remember locs require a completely different care regimen than any other hairstyle, even loose natural hair. 

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    I am 5 weeks in and it just looks weird but I’m gonna trust the process

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