Keeping Your Locs Moisturized During Different Seasons

As the weather changes, so does the needs of your locs.  For some, the colder weather means the need to increase moisture.  For others, just the opposite.  It is important to pay attention to your locs during this weather shift.  If you are paying attention to your locs, you will notice the change because your locs will tell you what they need.  Dry, itchy scalp is often a symptom of lack of moisture.  Please note the disclaimer to this statement is that it is true if you are drinking enough water and don’t have any health issues which impact your scalp and hair health.

The change in season may be a good time to do a detox on your locs and also a deep condition with our hair mask.  Both of these items will give you an amazing head start to a new moisturizing routine for the cooler months. They key is that you will still need to develop a moisturizing routine.  Maybe it’s too cool in the morning to spray your refresher spray, switch to doing it at work (we carry travel sizes that fit nicely in your purse or work bag).  Don’t forget, when using the refresher spray that you should not be drenching your hair.  Again, a few spritzs of the mist goes a long way and you can seal it in with oil a few times a week.  Or maybe you switch to just adding oil weekly.  

Whatever you decide, you do have to switch your routine when the weather changes.  Don’t have a routine?  Now is a good time to start.  Be sure to check out our infographs on suggested regimens.  Feel free to modify based on your hair needs.  And Don't forget to keep your locs covered at night.

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