How To Moisturize Your Locs

One of the most asked questions found in our inbox is questions surrounding how to moisturize locs or what product do we have that helps with dryness.  Aside from dietary and nutritional factors, one of the main reasons for dry scalp is a lack of moisture.  Lack of moisture is generally a result of not having a daily routine to care for your locs.  Yes locs are low maintenance; however, as one of our tribe members recently said, locs are low maintenance, not no maintenance.

When we say to establish a daily routine, we are not talking about anything that is time consuming.  In fact, we are only talking about a few minutes as a part of your morning or nightly routine.  We recommend our Refresher Spray to add moisture to your locs.  Our Refresher Sprays are a water based product, in fact, we use rose water, along with a lot of other nourishing ingredients.  To ensure the moisture remains in your locs, you have to seal it in.  For a sealant, we recommend our Conditioning Hair Oil.  Our oil is light-weight and build up free.  The ingredients are designed to “melt” right into your locs to ensure the refresher is sealed in.  Remember a little goes a long way.  Also, don’t be surprised if you see the oil foam up a bit.  That is by design so that it penetrates the shaft of your locs.

Check out our tutorials to see just how little oil we use to seal in our refresher sprays.  Also, please note that though you can use the refresher spray daily, you won’t need to seal daily.  Oil is NOT a moisturizer.  Repeat after me, Oil is NOT a moisturizer.  When in doubt, we have several tools provided to your to help you to care for your locs.  There are videos on IGTV, IG feed, Youtube, Facebook, as well as infographs and tips on all of our platforms. When in doubt, you can ask us questions or be sure to tune in every Thursday at 6:00 pm.


  • Posted by Dr Belinda Sango on

    Thank you so much for this information I have blonde locs and I was trying to figure out how to keep them moisturized I will try this method thank you again

  • Posted by Sadika on

    I love my products they smell so good thank you for this information too

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