How Often Should You Retwist Your Locs


We get this question a lot from our buyers. We get asked how often should we retwist our locs”, "do we retwist every month", and much more.

These questions come from buyers and potential buyers, especially when they have just started their loc journey. There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should retwist your locs. It all depends on two key factors:

1. How Fast Does Your Hair Grow, and
2. How Often Do You Wash it?

When you answer both of these questions, you will be able to determine how often you should retwist your locs. Let’s get into it.



Do you know how fast your hair grows? If you know you’ll be better able to determine how often you should retwist your locs. If it grows fast, then you may have to retwist at a faster rate than someone whose hair grows slower.  As the new growth emerges, it tends to grow in any direction that it feels, so, retwisting it will aid in training the hair to loc faster and in the proper direction. However, if your hair grows slowly, then you don’t have to retwist your locs as often.  Slower growers may be able to go as long as two months between retwists (not recommended to wait this long for starter locs).



How often should I wash my locs comes up a lot.  Everyone’s wash regimen is different because their scalp doesn’t get dirty often. Some locd individuals don’t use a lot of products, don't do many physical activites, have product build up, nor sweat a lot, therefore, they don't require a weekly wash.  Someone who works out often, sweat a lot or has product build up may wash weekly or every two weeks.   

Now, that we have discussed a wash routine, how often to retwist is closely related.  Retwist frequency depends on whether you are in the starter loc phase or you have mature locs.  It also depends on the type of locs you have, your hair type and your retwist method.  Starter locs should be washed monthly or no more than every six week.  If you interlock, you can go as long as eight weeks between retwists.  

Since there is no hard and fast rule for retwisting your locs other than the above recommendations, Let us know in the comments how often you retwist your locs & some of your favorite Peculiar Roots products to use.

Peculiar Roots Product Recommendations
Aloe Vera Gel, Pomade, Flaxseed Mousse & Conditioning Oil



  • Posted by Danielle Felix-Richardson on

    I have my locs for 5 years and throug the length of the they are long of bulky and hard. So, my curious mind untwist the loc to see the cause. Inside the love was a lot of build up of long. Am not sure why. I do not use conditioners or gels. I only use please and oils to resist my loc. Help me to get rid of this build up of long out so I could stop intosting and then retwist. Can I use can mask on my local?

  • Posted by Tiffany on

    Thank you for this site and information! I’m in my starter phase, just turning 3 months old. I’m currently not as active as I was before the pandemic, but still find I need to wash by the 2nd week. But twice I’ve needed to wash back to back weeks. I typically retwist every other wash. I’m 3c/4a type & considering becoming more semi freeformed, but at times see some growth happening away from the loc. Taking it day by day!

  • Posted by Kaiah on

    So I usually have my hair styled in rope twist. Once my hair got matured, i started doing that style and i would have it up for two weeks take it down and wash it because i did sports. Now, I would have it up for about a month then take it down, then wait about a week to wash. (I have 4C and my new growth be extremely thick)

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