Embrace Your Uniqueness




We are KINGS

We are QUEENS 

We are LOC’D

You should be proud of everything that makes you different from everyone else because you already took the first step by embracing this loc journey. We all join for different reasons, but we all come together for the same and that is we wanted to be different. We all made a commitment, tested our patience, and willingly stepped out of the social norm. Only we know how many times we have come close to just cutting it all off or rinsing our starter locs out. Even the ridicule we get because of stereotypes and just pure ignorance from those outside our realm. The versatility of our locs is what makes us so different. The lengths, colors, and creative styles make it known there is no other competition when it comes to our crowns. 

The moment you run into another locd king or queen is amazing. We don’t even have to speak we just know we are among greatness. When we do link up, we share stories of our journey, tips for maintenance, and an abundance of compliments to one another. It’s not many of us and that is the best thing about it. You just feel part of the amazing peculiar society of confidence.  Our locs leave a powerful statement and it tells people we are bold, beautiful and we can take on any challenge. We make people uncomfortable because they think we should be ashamed of our coils that have intertwined over the course of time. The reality is that this journey has empowered us on a whole different level of confidence which allows us to accept we are peculiar beings.

Embrace every bit of you by rocking your locs with confidence. You locd your hair for a reason and you realized you didn’t want to be like everyone else. Have you ever stopped and looked at yourself and thought "where have you been all my life?"’ Until the day you locd your hair ,you knew you were missing something; and that was a crown that was just as unique as you. You probably wondered what took you so long to do it, but you are here now.  Many avoid the ‘ugly’ stage.  For those that didn’t, look as you flourishing and you look amazing doing so. Those small little wildfires gave you the beauty and confidence you were always looking for.

Initially, you thought it was just hair and it’s not that serious. Embarking on this loc journey helped you realize this is more than just locd coiled hair growing from your once chemically altered scalp. You have now realized the simplicity of life with no alteration and manipulation. For some this has been a spiritual journey to self-love and preservation. Locs will have you walk down a path of self-discovery and you will enjoy the journey.

So, always remember, you are a beautiful PECULIAR being that is deserving!

Written by our amazing VIP Peculiar Tribe Family Daija!  Let us know if you can relate below and show Daija some love for the amazing words that reflect our loc journey!


  • Posted by Tara on

    Absolutely love this! Articulates exactly what we mean by “Embrace Your Uniqueness”!

  • Posted by Tina Boyd on

    I just finished reading your article. It was truly inspiring and also very empowering. I wish I could have seen this six years ago. Thank you so much!!
    I will be ordering products from your company soon
    because I have been looking for natural products like these saving me the trouble in making my own.
    Thank you Loc Queen for the company and the love and support because our loc community needs it!!
    Loc For Life!! 👑❤👑🌹

  • Posted by Shumelva on

    I know I’m a few years late with this comment, but it still empowered me to keep going with my loc journey and your so right the minute I started loc’n I became a higher version of myself, felt even more beautiful, felt more confident and more alive. As I walk around my town I feel like people damn near bow to me and I’m greeted with being called a QUEEN all the time. Thank you so much and will be ordering products very soon to keep my crown as healthy as it has always been.. :)

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