Dos And Don'ts Of Locs

Whether you are old or new in your loc journey, there are key steps you should know when caring for your hair.  Follow a few of the Do's & Don'ts below:  


1.  Use Refresher Spray Daily – Our refresher spray provides your locs with daily hydration.  It is light weight enough to use daily, even some of tribe members use it twice daily.  The frequency you use the refresher spray will depend on your hair type, daily activity, whether you are in the sun often, have color treated locs or not protecting your locs at night.  All these instances leave the hair in a vulnerable position to moisture loss, breakage, tangles, and split ends. Our refresher sprays not only smells amazing, but will leave your hair soft and moisturized.

2. Do a Hot Oil Treatment or Use Oils to Seal in the Moisture – Now and again do a hot oil treatment using your favorite oil. When the oils are combined it creates a powerful mixture for your hair. When applied to your locs, the heat will open the hair cuticles so that oil can penetrate itself to your hair strands. It will not only seal in the moisture, but will strengthen and add shine, and so much more. 

3. Use a Clarifying Shampoo Clarifying shampoos are great for washing Locs/dreadlocks. Creamy shampoos contain ingredients like butters or oils that will leave oily residues. They can also contain conditioning agents that bonds tightly to the hair and can be responsible for build-up overtime. We have a few clarifying shampoos from our ACV Shampoo, Castile Shampoo and Rose & Hibiscus Water Shampoo that would be great to add to your routine.

4. Separate Your Locs Daily- Separating your locs daily can prevent them from marrying at the roots and getting knotted. Run your fingers through your locs from the root o end and check that any new growth isn’t getting tangled. Don't wait until wash day to begin separating!

 5. Wash Your Locs/ DreadlocksThe large misconception that people with Locs don't wash their hair is not only absurd but it is ridiculous. Washing your hair is the basis of a healthy scalp and healthy growing hair. In the beginning stages of your loc journey you may not wash as often as you used to, but you should wash your hair. Once a month in the beginning stage is standard and every two weeks for mature locs is standard.

6. Deep Condition Your Locs-  As shocking as the "wash your hair" do is, I'm sure deep conditioning also comes as a shock. The best locticians know how important it is to have regular deep conditioning treatments. This makes the basis of your locks stronger and keeps your locks moisturized. Check out the buildup free locs deep conditioning mask HERE

7. Locs Brushing-  Loc brushing is one of our fave dos. We recommend loc brushing to reduce lint and remove buildup. We recommend adding this to your routine once your hair is fully locked. A soft bristle brush such as our loc brush is highly recommend and we love that loc brushing helps to distribute oil evenly throughout your locs.



1. Avoid Coloring Your Hair too oftenColored locs are susceptible to being dry as the protective layer of the hair strand is broken down. Therefore, it is easily in harm's way whether through excess manipulation, elements of the environment, or the various products we use. As well as, moisture is always leaving since the hair cuticles are always open. However, this doesn't mean you cannot or shouldn't color your locs altogether. Just means you'll need to increase your moisture retaining daily routine. Try our Rose & Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner specifically for color-treated locs.


2. Avoid Using Excessive Heat – The heat from hot tools such as blow-dryers and hair dryers can damage the health of our hair strands. The heat will break down the layer of the hair strand that protects it from harm. If that area is gone, then the hair shaft is susceptible to damage. Avoid using excessive heat, however, your locs should be dried carefully and properly to prevent molding overtime.

3. Avoid Using Wax or Products with Wax -  Wax doesn’t break down easily in water making it harder to remove during wash day.  Wax is too risky to use. It may lay too heavy on your hair and it will cause a lot of build-up that you may not be able to wash off. Though it is said to help your hair lock faster, we highly suggest against using it. Instead try a buildup free pomade with a good hold like our styling pomade that smells heavenly. 


There are tons of dos and don'ts but these are a great start to ensure your journey is a healthy one. Let us know in the comments what techniques will you be doing to prevent your locs from being dry. 


  • Posted by Annetta Moore on

    hello I’ve just started my locs on June 1st 2021. I like to get in the pool (with chlorine) what products should i use after. i do wear a swimming cap.
    how often is it safe to twist my hair

  • Posted by Denise Perry on

    How often should I retwist my hair.
    Just starting my journey.

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