There is nothing dreadful about your hair (Why we won't use the term "dreadlocks")

There is nothing dreadful about your hair
Why Some People Won't Use the Term Dreadlocks 

Dreadlocks, as defined by Wikipedia, are rope like strands of hair formed by matting or braiding. They are also called locs or dreads. Dreadlocks have been given a bad rep in society. However, if you go far back in history there are different forms of arts depicting dreadlocks worn by our ancestors and fore fathers. And as such ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing dreadful about your locs.

In ancient Greece, there are kouroi sculptures depicting spartan officers wearing their battle dresses and their dreadlocks.  According to history, their hair was worn in long braided locs.  Additionally, descendants of Islam, Christianity, and Aztecs were all described as wearing hair similar to wool, matted hair down to their ankles or having untouched hair that grew long and matted. This is known as locs in today’s society. Although it was embraced in the past, today's society seems to be having a difficult time embracing.  

Locs were worn by various societies with different symbolisms based on their culture.  One of the historical meanings for wearing locs was based on ones place in society such as a priest.  Others wore locs to symbolize their disregard for personal vanity and placed a greater emphasis on their spiritual journey.  

As you can see, there is a rich history behind wearing locs.  Before the world-wide phenomena of locs through music with the help of reggae artists and celebrities, locd individuals were considered outskirts. To this day, we experience discrimination in schools, on the job, and even just going about our day.  There are still many incidents demonstrating hate and rage toward people who opted to loc their hair.

Currently, we are seeing locs as a trendy hairstyle so now you see various styles of faux locs and now even loc extensions.  Here at Peculiar Roots, we embrace our uniqueness and our loc journey.  Remember there is absolutely nothing dreadful about your crown!

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