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  • Embrace Your Uniqueness

    The versatility of our locs is what makes us so different. The lengths, colors, and creative styles make it known there is no other competition when it comes to our crowns. View Post
  • How To Care For Your Starter Locs

    How To Care For Your Starter Locs Maintaining locs can be challenging when you do not know what to expect or haven't done any research.  When you are new to the loc world, things can be overwhelming.  However, with proper guidance, your starter locs can truly flourish.  Because beginning your loc... View Post
  • The Fascinating History of Locs

    THE FASCINATING HISTORY OF LOCS   Locs, Dreads, Dreadlocks or whichever term you use, is hair that has not been manipulated. During this time the hair will clump together, interlock and become matted. Hence, the name it was given. Locs have been given a bad name in current society.  Surprisingly,... View Post