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  • Dos And Don'ts Of Locs/ Dreadlocks

      Whether you are old or new in your loc journey, there are key steps that you should know when caring for your hair. These are steps that you should be doing to maintain the health of your hair. As well as, steps to avoid altogether if you want to maintain the health of your locs.   DOS: 1.  Use... View Post
  • Should You Use Oil or Loc Gel For Retwist Your Locs?

      There is a debate going on about whether to use oil or gel to re-twist your locs. Let us dissect the properties of each product before we make a final decision. Oils by nature are in liquid form while the gel is very firm and sticky. Now when retwisting your locs you need a product that will ho... View Post
  • How Often Should You Retwist Your Locs

    We get this question a lot from our buyers. We get asked how often should we re-twist our locs”, "how often should we tame our locs", "do we retwist every month", and much more.

     These questions come from buyers, and potential buyers, especially when they have just started their loc journey. There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should retwist your locs. It all depends on two key factors:

    1. How Fast Does Your Hair Grow, and
    2. How Often Do You Wash it?

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