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how to care starter locs

  • How To Moisturize Your Locs

    One of the most asked questions found in our inbox is questions surrounding how to moisturize locs or what product do we have that helps with dryness.  Aside from dietary and nutritional factors, one of the main reasons for dry scalp is a lack of moisture.  Lack of moisture is generally a result ... View Post
  • Should You Use Oil or Loc Gel For Retwisting Your Locs?

    Braids, Locs & Twist Firm Hold Pomade - Our pomade will help in retwisting your locs. It contains ingredients that will hydrate your locs while holding the flyaways in place. It is vegan friendly as it made with 100% natural ingredients that will not cause flakes or residue.

    Refresher Spray with Rose Water & Wheat Protein - Our refresher spray should be used for added moisture. It contains rose water which will keep your locs hydrated.

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  • How To Care For Your Starter Locs

    How To Care For Your Starter Locs Maintaining locs can be challenging when you do not know what to expect or haven't done any research.  When you are new to the loc world, things can be overwhelming.  However, with proper guidance, your starter locs can truly flourish.  Because beginning your loc... View Post