Simple Routine to Maintain Your Locs


Locs are a very versatile hairstyle. They can grow to impressive lengths, styled for any occasion you want and so much. However, it should be noted that they are not the easiest hairstyle to care for. Every hairstyle is cared for differently including locs. To keep your locs long, thick, moisturized and overall thriving you need to create a simple routine. Although simple, every step done should be effective in allowing you to achieve your loc goals.


Here is an example of a simple Loc Routine

to maintain your Locs


Shampoo – Locs are locked and matted together. During this process, your hair may accumulate excess oil/sebum, dirt and excess product usage. The particles may be trapped in the locs which makes it hard to remove. As well as, it could cause more harm than good on your scalp. Therefore, we need to cleanse our scalp and locs frequently. Don’t need to over-cleanse your scalp, but it should be done when it is needed. Everyone washes their hair on a different timeline whether it is every 7 days, 9 days, 2 weeks or a month. Depending on your hair type, texture and needs, your routine will differ from another loc’d person.


Deep Condition – After cleansing your locs it’s time to replenish it with moisture. Depending on the shampoo that is used, it may remove natural oils from the scalp that is needed for it to provide nutrients to our new growth. Deep conditioners are fortified with minerals vitamins and different nutrients that will penetrate the cuticles and provide it with what it needs. Whether it needs are moisture, strength, sheen, the deep conditioner allows it to achieve it. This step is not optional in your loc regimen. Not everyone conditions/deep conditions their tresses. It depends on what works for you, your time and your locs.


Moisturize - You need a water-based moisturizer to add to your regimen. Moisturizing your hair also starts from within, so increasing your water intake is ideal. Steaming your locs is also a great way to add moisture.

Oil Scalp and Locs – After thoroughly rinsing your hair, it’s time to oil your scalp and locs. Oiling allows well-needed minerals to penetrate the hair to replenish anything that it may have lost. As well as, it penetrates the scalp to neutralize the function to prevent scalp issues including dandruff. Therefore, oiling is a necessary step in your regimen needed for it flourish. The best oil to use is a lightweight oil. Oil will seal in moisture, not moisturize.


Re-twist Your Locs – And finally, you can add an effective routine to your regimen on how often you'll retwist or retighten your locs. Finding a buildup free product that allows your locs to look fresh and brand new after your locs have grown out is essentia. You can opt to using one of our oil to retwist, locs pomade or even aloe vera gel.


This simple yet effective routine will allow your locs to not only grow but to truly flourish. They will be thick, shiny, moisturized, long and overall looking healthy. And, be reminded that the only way to see quality results is by being consistent.

Here's an example of our Ceo's Loc Care Regimen:

  • Washes every two weeks.
  • Retwist every two months.
  • Moisturize daily with our refresher spray
  • Seal in moisturize with our conditioning oil.
  • Loc Brush every other day.
  • Wrap at night with our satin lined bonnets.

What is your current routine?

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