Should You Use Oil or Loc Gel For Retwisting Your Locs?


There is a debate going on about whether to use oil or gel to retwist your locs. 
Let us dissect the properties of each product before we make a final decision.

Oils by nature are in liquid form while the gel has more texture. Now when retwisting your locs you need a product that will hold the hair and the fly-aways in place. Hence, you would lean more to the gel. The gel has a firmer substance which holds the hairs together.  Please note, there are gels on the market are are harmful to your locs and cause build up.  These other gels leave locs dry, flaky and full of product residue.

The best option is to use our Peculiar Roots Braids, Loc & Twist Firm Hold Pomade. The pomade is of a similar consistency to gel but more beneficial. Our pomade is firm and allows you to capture the fly-aways and loose hair back into the loc.  Not only is the pomade good for retwisting, it is also great for braids, twists, or any other natural hairstyle. The pomade is vegan friendly as it is made with all-natural plant ingredients. The pomade will penetrate your locs to hydrate, add shine, and soften the locs. More importantly, it does not leave residue and flakes which make our locs look like you have dandruff.


The first ingredient is important and ours is water. Remember water the best hydration for our hair. Water penetrates the hair shaft and gives it what it needs to stay healthy.  The pomade also contains glycerin which is a natural humectant. Humectants take moisture from the air and provide it to our hair. This is a great ingredient will helps you to know that our pomade will not dry out your locs. And finally, our pomade has pomegranate seed oil. This natural oil will seal in the added moisture from the water and glycerin and aids in conditioning the hair shaft to provide shine and softness.

I bet you’re wondering where the ingredient for the textured consistency is? This ingredient is the copolymer. Copolymer is found in most hair sprays, gels, waxes, styling creams, and pomade like ours.  This ingredient is what gives the hold factor we desire for our hair. It keeps the hair in place and prevents it from moving.

How to use: 
1. Section your locs so retwisting is easier.
2. Spritz your locs with our refresher spray to keep them hydrated. Also, it makes the hair pliable for retwisting.
3. Apply a dime-size amount of the pomade on your finger tips to distribute throughout your loc as you retwist.  Retwist each loc by combining the product with your retwisting technique. You may use your fingers to palm roll or use a locing tool to crochet/interlock.

As you can tell, our pomade is made with ingredients that will keep your locs moisturized while holding the flyaways in place. Our customers love it because it helps to tame their thick hair, keeps the roots looking neat, and more importantly smells amazing.

Let us know in the comments what you love about our pomade. 



  • Posted by Bia on

    Thank you for this article. It was very helpful when deciding on what to purchase for my son’s locs. I went with the gel/pomade in pomegranate and I am so glad I did! The consistency is unlike any other product we’ve tried before, and it holds so well. It smells divine, which is perfect after a ACV rinse. Thank you so much for creating this line!

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