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How To Care For Your Starter Locs


Maintaining locs aren’t easy especially if you are new to the loc world. However, with the proper guidance, your starter locs can truly flourish. It is not the most common hairstyle so many people do not know how to care for it especially if you are transitioning into this new journey. We’re here to guide you along the way to have flourishing and peculiar beautiful locs.


 Here’s How To Care For Your Starter Locs


1] Letting It Grow –Starter locs have been manipulated in a way to keep the form. And to keep the form for a long time so that the rest of the hair compels in that manner. Therefore, you have to refrain from touching it so that it can be grown freely. Once it is allowed to grow freely,  the new growth will interlock and interweave with the started loc freely. Therefore, continuing the locking process. As well as, preventing the starter loc from unraveling.

Therefore we recommend the next step….


 2] No Manipulation – Your starter locs are in the beginning phase. This is when they are most fragile. So keep your hands out of your hair at all times. Once your hair is free of manipulation, it prevents single strand knots, breakage, and split ends. And more importantly, it prevents the starter loc from unraveling. Once it unravels, you would have to go through the long process all over again. This step works for hand in with number one.  it gives your hair a free space to grow and form properly as previously mentioned. Thus, setting how your locs will grow and shape in the future.


 3] Less Product is More – After installing starter locs, there should be no excessive product usage in your loc regimen. Why? It will weigh the starter locs down and cause it to unravel, and do you want that? This tip should be used during the starter and mature stage. Try our refresher sprays for daily upkeep.

 4] Monitor How Much You Wash – The experts recommend shampooing your hair at least every 2 week however with starter locs, you may have to go longer. Washing every month during the starter phase is recommended.


 5] Do Not Condition/Deep Condition – Both of these steps add moisture back into the hair after shampooing. However, at the stage that you are at, this step is omitted as well. Very little water or water-based product should come into contact with the locs until they have grown out. Thus, preventing them from unraveling and you have to start over again. We recommend conditioning your hair once it begins locking.


Remember locs will not be cared for in the same manner as other hairstyles.

How you care for your hair at this stage will impact the growth and quality of your locs. Now tell us, where are you in your loc journey?

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