Myths & Facts On How To Grow Healthy Locs

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to having locs, especially growing healthy locs. All of it comes from a lack of knowledge on how to care for, nourish, and maintain you're locs. We see many individuals with locs and just start conjuring up random ideas on how we “think” they go it to that state. So, we’re here to break the hysteria by individuals in and out of the loc community.

Here are 4 myths and misconceptions on how to grow healthy locs:

1. Your Hair Will Grow Fast:- Your hair will grow at the same rate that it did whether you were natural, relaxed, or jerry curled. Locs doesn’t make your hair grow any faster than it usually does. Our hair grows an average of ½ inch a month. It may grow faster due to your genetics or slower because of health conditions. Overall, everyone’s hair grows at the same rate. Locs allow you to “retain” more of your growth. with other hairstyles your hair is consistently breaking from styling, manipulating, tools, and much more. With locs, you’re not over-styling so there is no need for unnecessary breakage.

2. You Don’t Have to Maintain Your Locs: A lot of people think individuals with locs don’t care for their hair, which is far from the truth. You still must care for your hair as you would if it was in another state. The maintenance may be less or lower however you still need to. Loc’d individuals use oils, gels, mists and so much more. If you don’t maintain it, you will not have healthy locs.

3. You Don’t Have to Wash Your Locs: – This is far from the truth. You do have to wash your hair to maintain the health of it overall. After applying different products, our sweaty hands, furry, orbits form our sheets/pillowcases, our hair goes through a lot. In addition, sebum is being produced by our scalp to coat our new growth. So, we must cleanse our scalp frequently. It will remove all the dirt, debris, gunk, product buildup, excel oil, and sebum on our scalp. Thus, leaving the scalp free and able to breathe and produce additional sebum. If your scalp is not in a healthy state, then your hair will not be.

4. You Have to Go to A Loctician: And finally, that you must go to a Loctician religiously for your locs to stay healthily looking. This is wrong because a lot of Loc’d individuals take care of their hair right at home and it’s in the best condition ever. So, you don’t necessarily have to. You can have your hair salon right in the comfort of your own home, specifically your bathroom or bedroom. You will have all the necessary products needed to hydrate, grow, strengthen or even palm roll your locs. As well as, you will have the tools along with the assistance of various youtube videos and blog posts teaching you how to re-twist your hair.

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