How To Tame Frizzy Locs


Frizzy locs may just be the vain of your loc journey.  People who prefer the more "manicured" look of locs, may stress about having frizzy locs.  Frizz may interfere with certain loc styles or get caught in loc jewelry.

So, what do you do to help to minimize the frizz? 


Moisturizer:  One of the best ways to minimize frizzy locs is to add extra moisture.  The moisture allows the frizz to relax onto your locs and the look can be minimized by wrapping around your loc or gently brushing into place.  

Peculiar Roots Product Recommendations 

We recommend moisturizing your frizzy locs with our Refresher Spray (w/ Rosewater).

Our refresher sprays are rose water based and provide amazing benefits for your locs.  Rosewater aids in stabilizing the ph balance of hair, which should be between 4 and 5 on the ph scale. Maintaining this ph level allows the hair cuticles to close to keep the moisture locked in.  Our refresher spray also contains wheat protein which is rich in minerals which hydrate and strengthen your locs.

Pomade is a great way to minimize the frizz on your locs.  It allows your locs to have a soft hold and a small amount can be applied to wrap your loose hair around or loc, or apply a small amount to your locs and gently brush to smooth the frizz down.  Our pomade is great because it is build up free and does not leave any flakes or residue like traditional gels.


Another option to aid in minimizing frizz is our our Flaxseed Styling Mousse.  B  The mousse is a light weight foam based in flaxseed gel with provides a light hold to minimize frizz and is also great for braid outs & twist outs.  Due to the consistency of the foam, it is great for keeping the flyaways down.  Our mousse will need leave your hair sticky, stiff or flaky. You should definitely check out our IG page and Youtube Channel to see some of the styles created using our mousse.

"Taming" your frizzy locs is easy once you use the proper products and have a daily regimen to care for your locs.  All our products are vegan friendly so they are free of chemicals that harm the health of your hair. They are made with ingredients that improve the overall health of your locs.

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