How To Tame Frizzy Locs


 Frizzy locs may just be vain of your loc journey. 

The frizz makes your locs harder to style, makes it feel dry and so much more.

 Sometimes you may have a quick business meeting or parent-teacher conference, that you wanted to tame your locs for. 

 So how do we do it? 

 Using products!


 Moisturizer: If your locs are frizzy, it could mean that it is dry.

 Dryness is a sign of lack of moisture, so the hairs usually start growing in any direction. In addition, it can cause unnecessary tangle, split ends, and single strand knots. So in an effort to avoid that then we need to moisturize our locs.


 Recommended product: 

 We recommend moisturizing them with our Refresher Spray (w/ Rosewater).

The refresher spray is rich in, as we know it, which is rose water. Rosewater aids in stabilizing the ph. balance of the hair between 4 and 5 on the PH Scale. Therefore, allowing the hair’s cuticle layer to be closed to keep the moisture provided locked in. In addition, it contains wheat protein which is rich in minerals that will also hydrate and moisture each and every strand.


 Pomade: Or, you can use a pomade to tame the frizz.

 Sometimes your curls are hydrated, the frizz just needs to be laid down. So, they need a product of a thick consistency to slick them down. Pomades are a great option because they give the locs a nice firm hold without any unnecessary flakes or residue like what Gel would do.


 Recommended product:

 We recommend using our braids, loc and Twist Firm Hold Pomade

 The pomade is made with all-natural ingredients that will give your hair the hold that it needs without any chemical additives. Not only does it give hold, but it will nourish your hair strands in the process as well. It contains copolymer which gives the product the consistency that you are looking for. As well as, pomegranate seed oil that will condition the deepest layers of each


Styling Mousse: And finally, use a styling mousse.

 Based on the name, you can tell that it should be used to style your locs. In any style for your locs, your frizz is usually laid. And as such, it is a perfect product option for taming your frizzy locs. The consistency can keep the flyaways down.


 Recommended product:

 We recommend our Flaxseed Styling Mousse.

 Flaxseeds have a gel-like consistency that will hold just about any type of hair. In addition, it is rich in minerals and vitamins that will keep your hair strands nourished at the same type. Flaxseeds gives your hair a good enough hold to maintain the fly away but won’t leave your locs stiff, dry or flakey.


 Taming Your Frizzy locs is easy once you have the correct products to use in your regimen.

 In addition, the products must be rich in minerals that will nourish your locs in order to keep the frizz a bay. At peculiar roots, we offer just that. All our products are vegan friendly so they are free of chemicals that will harm the health of your hair. They are made 100% natural ingredients that will improve the overall health of your locs.

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