How Often Should I Wash My Locs?


 There is no one set rule for how often you should wash your locs. In the end, it depends on your hair needs and works for your schedule. Locs are intertwined and matted hair clumped together. During the process, different particles, sweat, dirt, excess oil, excess sebum, and hair products can be attached to it. And as such, your locs need to be cleansed. However, there are signs that you locs give you when it needs to be cleansed.


 Here are 4 signs that your hair needs to be washed:


 1] Your Hair Feels Oily – Your hair may be producing more than what you need for sebum needed to nourish your new growth. Therefore, your roots are always oils. As well as, you could be using a moisturizer or oil mixture that has too much oil which is just sitting on the hair and scalp instead of penetrating it. Therefore, the hair needs to be cleansed to be fresh. Ensure to use a correct


 2] Your Hair Looks Dry – Your hair is usually dry due to a lot of fo reasons. However, the main reasons could be poor product choice, clogging of the scalp follicles and hair cuticles. Therefore, any new products whether it be oils, loc gels or better can effectively get their job done because of the cast over your locs. Therefore, it’s time to cleanse your locs. Cleansing your scalp will help to unclog the pores and hair cuticles so that it can be properly moisturized with the right products.


 3] Your Hair Has Dandruff – Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes your scalp to flake. The scalp is usually reacting to something in your environment whether it be the product, the water, the foods you eat, etc. Whenever your hair flakes up, it’s time to wash your locs. You need to remove dandruff to leave a clean slate. Side Note: if you are suffering from dandruff ensure to use a shampoo with essential oils. These oils help to neutralize the inflammation of the scalp for it to function effectively and not produce flakes.


 4] Your Hair Smells – Your hair will have a slight or foul odor which indicates that it’s time to wash it. The odor could be a manifestation of excess oils, products and sweat that have accumulated on the scalp. Or, you could be suffering from a severe scalp or hair issue. Thus, producing an unpleasant smell. And as such, the scalp needs to be cleansed to remove all of the gunk that has been accumulated.


 Loc’d individuals will wash their hair infrequently whether it be every day, 7 days, 14 days or even every month. And, as such, there is no set standard to follow. One size does not fit in all in this category. Therefore, you have to listen to your hair needs and wants. Based on the signs mentioned above, your hair will let you know when it needs to be washed.


 How often do you wash your hair?

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  • Posted by Vera on

    My loc’s have are loc’d all around but at the temporal areas. I am thinning as well only interlock every now & again. My problem is just how often should l wash my 2 1/2 year loc’d hair?Yes, I workout yes I am a sweater in my head, yes I sleep on satin yes yes and yes. I have listened to so called experts and so forth. Please Help!!!!

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