5 Benefits of Brushing Your Locs/ Dreadlocks




1. Reduce Lint & Buildup- Helps remove lint and buildup in your locs. I especially love using it to tackle lint at the ends of my locs as that's where mines tend to get trap most especially in the winter months when I'm wearing sweaters. It does a great job without damaging my locs. Its definitely a great way to remove surface buildup and lint before it completely traps inside your locs.

2. Reduce Frizz & Prevents Breakage- Ok frizz be gone! Well not completely, but enough to help us style our hair in between retwist. Brushing with our locs brush from scalp to roots allows the moisture you've added to your scalp to evenly distribute. Your locs now being moisturized is less likely to break and frizz.

3. Detangling Roots- Have you ever had this issue on wash day where your finding yourself pulling apart your locs at the roots to separate them? They've gotten quite entangled between your last retwist. Yikes, that hurts! Please don't cause yourself this type of pain next time. Simple use our loc brush to help you detangle your roots as often as you like while also using your fingers daily to glide through your parts to ensure your locs aren't marrying together. Because boy does it hurt pulling them apart!

4. Helps with Hair Growth- Brushing your locs stimulates the hair follicles just like a hands-on scalp massage would. This stimulation causes more blood to flow to the scalp, delivering tons of oxygen and nutrients to your follicles for quicker growth. 

5. Softens Locs- There's nothing I dislike more than brittle and hard locs! I don't know about your but I enjoy being able to glide my fingers easily through my crown. Loc brushing has definitely contributed to my locs being softer by brushing it while I'm moisturizing my locs with our Refresher Spray and sealing in the moisture with our hair oil. 


When to Start Loc Brushing? - 

It’s a good idea to wait until your locs are mature enough so they don’t unravel easily. A few months in the locing process. Even though soft bristle brushes are generally soft to touch, they can unravel and fuzz up new locs easily. If you have certain areas of your locs that unravel easily then simply avoid brushing these areas.

How to Brush Your Locs? 

I usually start from the scalp and gently move downward. To make it easier you can divide your locs into sections and brush small groups at a time. You can either brush your locs while they are wet or, after they are dry. Brushing your loc when they are dry, before you shampoo, is ideal for reducing lint, frizz and buildup. I often focus on the end of my locs, due my my hair length that's where I primarily collect lint. 


How Often Can You Brush?

As often as you desire. I personally brush every other day.


What Type of Brush to Use?

A soft boar bristle brush, and we just happen to have the perfect one HERE.


Can I Brush My Locs Dry or Wet?

You can brush your locs while they are wet or after they are dry. Brushing prior to wash day is ideal for reducing lint, frizz and buildup. If you brush while your locs are wet this can ensure your hair absorb all the natural moisture necessary.

Cleaning Your Locs Brush- 

Cleaning your soft bristle loc brush regularly is important. Combing out hair or any residue by gently running a comb through your loc brush to remove tangled hair. I wash my brushes after every wash day, so generally every 2 weeks. This ensures I'm not using a dirty brush on my locs.


Happy Loc Brushing!

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