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  • Keeping Your Locs Moisturized During Different Seasons

    As the weather changes, so does the needs of your locs.  For some, the colder weather means the need to increase moisture.  For others, just the opposite.  It is important to pay attention to your locs during this weather shift.  If you are paying attention to your locs, you will notice the chang... View Post
  • 5 Benefits of Brushing Your Locs/ Dreadlocks

    5 Benefits of Brushing Your Locs/ Dreadlocks

    • Reduce Frizz
    • Prevents & Removes Buildup
    • Distributes Oil Evenly Throughout Your Locs
    • Soften Locs
    • Helps with Hair Growth
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  • How To Moisturize Your Locs

    One of the most asked questions found in our inbox is questions surrounding how to moisturize locs or what product do we have that helps with dryness.  Aside from dietary and nutritional factors, one of the main reasons for dry scalp is a lack of moisture.  Lack of moisture is generally a result ... View Post